Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Kinsa Kucho, Chillca and Cochineal dyed yarns drying on the roof.

Stripping the bark of a Janili branch for a deep yellow, It was like cutting through butter.

Natural dying in Parobamba

The Cochineal bug and the Chilca plant dyes bubbling away.

Dividing the next lot of work between the weavers

Last week weaving

The last few days in the village went by far too quickly. Any spare time I had I wove as much as I could. My 4th warp started slowly, but it was by far the most complicated structure. When The evenings drew in, I would take a walk to to the top of the mountain with a small beer (Niki, I am forever indebted to you for that bag of goodies) and a banana in my backpack, listening to my hula hooping soundtrack. I could feel the cold wind blowing in from further up the valley and could see the shadow of the mountains slowly creep up on the village below. I commissioned Felicitas to make a tapise, I had such pleasure rummaging through her yarn bag, choosing the colours and making the warp with her. I decided to let her choose the motifs, because to her the significance of what she weaves is far greater than with me.
On the Wednesday Felicitas and I gathered in a central area in the village with about 25 other weavers to discuss the dividing of the next lot of weaves (from Awamaki) between women. This was done slowly and peacefully. The women would chat quietly until a decision was made, the process was done fairly with alot of giggling and the eating of many boiled potatoes.